Avoidable Out-of-Pocket Expenses And Medicaid

There are expenses that can and should be incurred before a Medicaid application is filed.The person at the nursing home who is assisting you with the application may or may not tell you about them. If the expenses are not paid before the application is filed, the expenses may come out of your own pocket after it is filed.

Waiting too long to talk to an attorney knowledgeable about the Medicaid rules, can end up costing you more than the consultation.

Dust Off Your Estate Plan

Even though it may still snow.  Spring is here and with it spring cleaning. While you are cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners take the time to clean the cobwebs off of  your trust or will.

Lives change, relationships change, new concerns arise,  goals are developing and being refined, are your estate plan documents keeping up?

Time for a spring time review of your estate plan.


Income tax and Estate Planning

By now you have heard something about the changes to the tax law.  For most people federal estate tax will not be an issue although state estate tax may still be relevant. Income taxes, however, are relevant.

Navigating these changes can be tricky.  If you have an estate plan in place,  the plan and your goals should be reviewed and discussed in light of the changes to the income tax.  If you do not have an estate plan, it is time to put one in place.